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PB Teaching, Coaching, Clinics

Since 2015, when the Bings introduced Pickleball to Australia on the Sunshine Coast, and to Noosa Shire in particular, Pickleball has grown like a wild flower. Keith was the first IPTPA Level 2 Teaching Professional to teach pickleball in Australia. He’s now taught PB to 500 plus players from Australia and New Zealand.

PB Court Design

If you want to build courts at your local Sports Centre or repurpose courts for Pickleball Play, Keith & Sharon are available for consultation. (Pickleball Courts) They can offer advice and insights into court design & functionality for constructing the most utilitarian and good-looking courts possible within budget. Topics covered include court surface, spacing, fencing, pickleball gear, facilities needed & finding a court building contractor. In Australia, Keith advised on the build of Halcyon Greens' courts, which are looked upon as the finest PB courts in Australia.

PB Presentations

Presentations designed for Active 50+ communities, sports clubs, schools & universities, health facilities, B&Bs, hotels & resorts:

Getting Started with Pickleball

Why do players call Pickleball an addiction?

Pickleball Gear - paddles, shoes, nets, balls

Pickleball Court Design

Etiquette - yes, Pickleball has an Etiquette of its own

The wild world of Pickleball Ratings, Rules & Reffing

Pickleball Travel

The US Open & Bainbridge Cup

The Villages, Florida

SW Florida: Pickleball Capital of the World

Overview of Pickleball Organizations

Art & Graphics dedicated to Pickleball

Pickleball Photography & Video

Noosa Leisure Centre Pickleball Program

Keith designed and facilitates the Noosa Leisure Centre's Pickleball Program. Pickleball play is structured for pickleball players of all skill levels: Newcomers, Beginners Play, Recreational Play and Advanced Recreational Play